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The Mr. Saga: A new chapter with several new things

Mr. is here again. So you know what that means. All of my writing skills fail me on accurately describing this experience.

We’ve known he was coming for a few days and we’ve spent those days wondering how things would be when he got here. Would it just fall easily back into the comfortable relationship? Would we have to start from scratch? We’d been around the thing a few times without resolution.

So, Saturday. He’s getting into town around 3pm and I’m supposed to go pick him up. In the mean time, wife and I decide to take a shower before he gets here. Naked, wet, soapy and excited lead to the inevitable and before long, I’ve got her bent over and happily taking her. Wife is turned on, rubbing herself while I’m thrusting. I’m getting closer and clos… then we hear the doorbell. She looks back at me and we both know it’s him. Damn! And yay! We’re conflicted because we want to finish but we’ve got to answer the door. Alas, we just stop.

Now, Wife has a thing for guys in a suit (who doesn’t?) and I’d let Mr. in on that. So, when I open the door, I’m not surprised to see him looking mighty spiffy. Wife is still toweling off, but I can’t wait for her to see this. She’s gets dressed and comes around the corner and stops dead in her tracks. She’s grinning and blushes. Success.


Fast forward to the evening. We’ve been drinking wine for a while, we’re all on the couch together, close, watching Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mr. is still in a suit, so I get the bright Idea to slip away and get dressed up myself. I get my slacks on, a nice white button up and a form fitting cardigan. Just what she likes. So, I come back and Wife sees me and melts. I sit down beside her, and now, she’s sitting between two men in suits. And she’s wine drunk. And she didn’t get to orgasm earlier in the day. There’s that tension in the air again.

After a short bit of that, Wife gets up and leaves. Mr. and I talk for a bit, laughing and joking. We know what she’s doing, but we’re stunned into silence when she comes back in a short, sleek, black evening gown and thigh high back seam stockings. We’re staring, mouth agape as she casually walks over and fluidly slides between us. Wife leans her body against Mr. and stretches her long legs across me. Now that tension in the air is so very thick.

We resume watching, pretending that nothing is going on. Enjoying the view. Mr. comes up with some smooth excuse to pull Wife’s dress up a bit and now we can see her underwear. She likes the attention, so she hikes it up a bit more and spreads her legs a bit. I don’t think a single one of us are actually watching the show. My mind is swimming and there’s barely any blood left in my brain.

Gratefully, Mr. just says “let’s play cards!” which, now, in this house means “let’s strip and start sexy fun times!” So, we spin the couches around, get the table set up and deal. It’s a couple rounds and a couple glasses of wine in before things get going. I’m now in underwear, Mr. is pants-less and Wife is fantastically on display in stockings, a bra and panties.

Mr. ends up winning and, by our weird rules, gets to issue a dare to Wife and I. He’s going to start things up right, so he says “I dare you to go down on the person to your right.” That ends up with me on Wife and Wife on him. We discuss whether or not this should be simultaneous or take turns, but I end up just going down on her without hesitation. Oh I love tasting her. Mr. is just watching me and what I do, I’m happy to show him how I run my tongue up and down her. She lies back and writhes, holding my head to her. She’s so warm against my skin, I can taste how turned on she is. She’s running her fingers through my hair and I feel her getting close. I want to push her over the edge, but she stops me and grins. She even teases herself.

Now, its her turn with him and she’s playing coy. She’s acting like she’s not going to do it. I tell her “If you don’t do it, I’m going to.” My heart is racing. I’ve thought about going down on a guy, but I’ve never even come close. I know Mr. is not completely opposed to it, but I’m not sure he wants it. Wife, being who she is, looks at me and says “Do it.” I look at Mr. slightly questioningly and he just looks back and pulls it out of his boxers. Whoa.

I chicken out. I just don’t have the guts to jump in like that. So, eventually, Wife gets next to Mr., grabs his cock and starts licking. I’m incredibly turned on as I watch him get hard in her mouth. He lays his head back, and gripping the hair at the base of her neck. She’s wrapped her hand around his shaft and is licking the head. This is the first time I’ve seen that. Hell, this is the first time she’s done that outside our marriage, and here I am, getting to watch. She lavishes him for a while more and I know I can’t fight the feeling. I want to join.

I get on my knees and move closer. I grab his balls, just massaging while Wife sucks on him. I watch her lips envelop his cock. She pulls off and starts to lick down the shaft and I see my opportunity. I lean in and take him. Wow. My face is close to hers and his cock is in my mouth. I do everything I can think of to pleasure him. I swirl my tongue around the head, I take as much of him in my mouth as I can. Wife an I take turns licking and sucking. At some point, we’re kissing with his cock between us. This is so hot. I’m helping my wife blow Mr.

After a bit, Mr. pulls Wife up a bit and starts kissing her. I continue my task, now getting the whole thing to myself. With a free hand I reach up and remove her bra and he grabs her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples. He slides his other hand in her panties and starts rubbing her. I’m still going at him, doing everything I’ve ever wanted someone to do to me. We shift around a bit till Wife is leaning back, so now I have access to her. I alternate sucking him and licking her, using my hands on the one my mouth isn’t on.

Eventually Mr. says “Can we move the couches so that we can all do this together?” to which I counter “Or we could move to the bed.” Agreement all around. So, I pick wife up and carry her to the bed. I immediately start on Wife. I slide between her legs and gingerly lick her. She’s so wet and tastes so wonderful. I look up over her body and Mr. is kissing her and licking her nipples. She’s just lying there, being pleasured. After a bit, I sit up and come up to kiss her. Mr. slowly kisses down her body, pausing adequately at her breast, until he’s the one tasting her. I kiss her and she comments on how she can taste herself on me.

Wife, somewhat uncharacteristically, proclaims “Well SOMEONE better get a condom on.” I’m not missing that cue. I jump up, grab two condoms, put one on and then put one on Mr. I look at him and gesture significantly towards Wife. This is the first time, so everyone looks around for consent and comfort. It’s good, so he climbs on top of her. I watch his long form slide over her body, watch him position his knees for support, watch him grab her leg and position her the way he wants. It’s about to happen. So I grab his cock and guide him into her.

I feel like I should repeat that: I held this man’s cock and guided him into my wife. I watch my wife take her first man outside our marriage. She closes her eyes, rolls her head back and gasps as he slides into her. They take a moment to savor the feeling. I’m contentedly lying back, stroking myself. As he begins to slide in and out, I realize that I’m watching someone fuck my wife. I’m watching another man slide his cock into her and I like it. I move in close and kiss her deeply, feeling her body move as he thrusts into her.

He’s thrusting away at her, I’m stroking myself and he stops, looks at me and says “Your turn.” Yes. He slides off, lying next to her, catching his breath. I climb over her, positioning her, and getting ready just the way he did. She smiles at me and slide into her. She holds me tight as I kiss her mouth, filling her up. It feels so good to be inside her. For good measure, Mr. slaps my ass as I’m thrusting. This whole thing is sexy and surreal.

We switch a few times, trading places and taking turns with her. Each time I touch her, she’s wetter. She’s moaning and breathing and taking it. It’s just a whirl of experiences, tastes, sounds. It’s seductive and chaotic. It’s messy and just right. It’s fucking amazing.

We end up lying next to each other, catching our respective breath. Wife is in between us. “Get the Hitachi" she purrs. I get up, grab it, hand it to her. She clicks it on and presses it to her clit. I love watching this. I get the idea to go grab her Rabbit too. I come back and she grins at me. She likes this. I turn it on, and slide it in. She’s lost in rapture, Mr. is watching, stroking himself. It was probably only a minute before she was bucking her hips and moaning. When she catches her breath, she sits up, bends over and starts sucking on Mr. while she keeps the Hitachi going through another couple orgasms.

It’s my turn again. Wife is already on top of Mr. so I have her stay there. I bend her over and navigate the tangle of legs so that I can position myself behind her. I know I’ve been in her a few times tonight, but I completely love each one, every time I slide into her its like the first time. This time is no exception. I slowly press my cock into her body, savoring every inch of her. She’s laid across his chest, kissing him I’m sliding in and out. I press against her ass, grinding her down against his cock. I see his arms wrapped around her, holding her. I can look over her shoulder and watch kissing her neck while I enjoy taking her from behind. That’s it. I just can’t take it any more. I grip her hips, bury myself as deep as I can and come.

I collapse to the bed, spent. They get up and go to the living room and I fall asleep to the wonderful sounds of skin slapping, moans and the couch inching slowly across the floor. I really wanted to get back up and join them, but I think they deserved some time alone. I love when she’s pleasured. I love knowing she’s getting what she wants.

Whew. That was amazing.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I guess we can add DSM to our B?

So, we’ve been laying low for a few days. Nothing majorly exciting. Tonight, we get the kids to bed and I cook a nice dinner. We eat it on the porch, enjoying the nice night with some wine. When we’re done (and kinda tipsy) we go inside and Wife is looking through the dashboard here, pointing out things that are sexy, saving some inspiration for later photo shoots and such.

Eventually we retire to the bedroom. We’re in underwear and just laying about in the (January?) heat. Occasionally I’ll reach over and stroke her body, touch her somewhere and then stop. I’m trying to get her attention, build her up without jumping right in. She likes that. So, eventually, I’m stroking her though her panties. I feel her getting hot. And I just stop.

After a few times starting and stopping, she gets impatient and climbs on top of me. Success. We’re both in underwear and she starts grinding against me. I’m rock hard already, so she’s just sliding herself along me, with our respective fabric straining to keep us apart. I feel her get warmer and warmer around me. I completely give up trying to tell her the story I was in the middle of. All I can think of is wanting to be inside her.

Without warning, she jumps up and walks over to the closet. She tosses me a blindfold and says “don’t look.” Ohhh. So, I blindfold myself and she reminds me: “you know, there’s a rope harness under the bed.” She comes over and slides my wrists into the cuffs above my head. Now I’m bound and blindfolded only in underwear. A first for me.

Alone, with my senses heightened, I hear her bustle around for a while. Hangers clack, fabric rustles, bags crinkle and then… oh my god… then I hear the distinctive sound of high heels on hardwood. My heart leaps into my throat. Without a word, I hear them clack clack clack out of the room. I hear them clack around the house. For agonizing minutes, I’m left alone with my lust and imagination and rope around my wrists.

I’m lost in some thought, some fantasy about this beautiful woman when… Clack. Clack. Clack. Back in the room. I feel her climb over me, standing on the bed. She slowly lowers herself down and I feel skirt fabric slide over my body. She bends down, leans her face close to mine. I feel her hot breath on my face, her long, beautiful hair falls around me. Almost imperceptibly, she brushes her lips on mine and immediately pulls away before I can kiss her.

She shimmies down my body and tears my underwear away, tossing it aside like detritus. I smell strawberry lube. And then I feel her hot, wet lips around my cock. The sensation is just overload. My eyes roll back and I’m moaning. I feel her wrap her lubed hand around my shaft, and another hand. She strokes me, strokes me several times, frees a hand and shoves her fingers in my mouth, making me taste the lube. I feel her drag something sharp across my skin. I can’t tell what it is at all. Its sending shivers up my body.

I’m so turned on, so worked up, I’ve never experienced anything like this. She grabs my balls and I can’t help but strain against my bindings. Noticing this she says “You had better keep your arms down or you will be punished.” to which I could give the only acceptable reply: “yes Mistress.”

She asks me what I want and I beg her to fuck me. She refuses, saying “Not yet.” I struggle against my bindings again and suddenly there’s a sharp, metallic smack and pain spreads across my upper arm. Oh, thats new. She says “I told you to keep your arms down.” I respond “I’m sorry Mistress.” My mind races. She just hit me with something.

Before I could think too much, I feel her shift around and sit on my chest. She goes back to sucking me for a bit before I feel her ease off of me and then there’s skirt material around my head. She’s pulled her panties to the side and presses herself into my face. I know what to do here. I taste her and I can tell how turned on she is. I can taste her excitement. I swirl my tongue around her clit as she takes me deep into her mouth. She’s gripping my balls as I’m licking her hard.

Suddenly, she stops, gets up and clacks around for a bit. I can hear her walk around the room and I’m stuck. Just a specimen, bare and erect, in the middle of the room. I’m surprised when I’m hit in the face with something. Something that, for some reason, I immediately know to be panties. She threw her panties in my face. I feel her climb back on top of me and ask me what I want. I try again: “Fuck me. Please.”

She doesn’t say a word. She scoops her hips just right and catches the the head of my cock and presses just enough. Just enough of me is in to feel how tight she is. To feel how wet. To know that I want her to take me.

In her benevolence, she takes mercy on me. She takes me. All of me. She slides her perfect body down my cock and moans. I still can’t see. I still can’t move. I’m only capable of being hard for her. Being her thing. A job I am eager to perform.

She pleases herself, using me. She impales herself repeatedly, sliding up and down on me. Again, cruelly, she stops. I hear more bustle. I hear a cord hit the ground. Again she climbs my body, again facing backwards. She grabs my cock, guiding it into her and thats when I hear the distinctive chck of the switch on the Hitachi. I feel her press it to herself, and incidentally, my balls.

I can’t take it any more. She’s riding me, riding the Hitachi. I slip out of my bindings and remove my blindfold. For the first time I can see how she’s dressed: her hair up, glasses, a skirt and a button up shirt. Goddamn she is sexy. With one hand I grab her hair, pulling. With the other I grab her hips and bring her down on me.  I can feel her contract around my cock, feel her body tense. She comes. She comes hard around me. She moans way louder than usual.

She gets off of me, faces me and puts me back in her. I’m reveling in feeling her around me again when she reaches down, grabs a metal ruler and smacks my arm. As pain mixes with with ecstasy, she hits me again. And again. She says “You didn’t have permission to remove your bindings. Or your blindfold.” She smacks me three more times. My arm is burning. “Now fuck me.” she says.

I flip her over on her back and do as I’m told. I fuck her. I fuck her hard. She tells me “Fuck me. I love when you fuck me.” She smacks my ass with the ruler. She digs her nails into me. "I love when you fuck me."

And thats all I could take. I come. I come so hard for her.


Somewhere in there, she used the Hitachi again, but I was so mind blown that I can’t place where.

Afterward, she hit me some more with the ruler. I don’t know why. I also don’t know why I liked it. The way she made me lay on my stomach and she made me anticipate the smack, but I never knew when it would come.

And then, I put her on her stomach and hit her with the ruler. I smacked her and told her she needed discipline. I spanked her and told her that was for kissing another man. I left long, red welts on her ass and told her that was because I loved her.

I do. I love that woman.

Monday, January 28, 2013
Wow great blog! She is absolutely gorgeous!! Would love to see some pics of her wearing some cute socks!

Thanks! I know just the thing you want. We’ll get some good photos for you :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013
Friday, January 25, 2013

The Mr. Saga: Part 3

Don’t miss part 1 and part 2 for the back story.

A couple days ago, when we were having sex, Wife described fantasizing about kissing Mr. while I go down on her. She liked the idea so much, she came pretty quickly. So, I worked up a scene with this interesting idea and kept whispering it to her. I wasn’t ever sure I got approval from her, but I knew she liked the idea.

So, last night we started up with the strip/dare card game again. We split a couple bottles of wine while playing. This whole sexy card game thing was getting pretty comfortable by now. I kept kissing Wife, grabbing on her. For part of it he directed my actions, telling me how to kiss her, to rub her nipples, to grab her ass.

She did something wrong and said “punish me.” So, I pulled her over my knee and spanked her. And then Mr. got a good smack in too. She flinched and wanted to fight, but I saw that smile when I let her up.

At some point Mr. dared himself to lick Wife’s nipple. Damn that was hot. I watched her face as he pulled her shirt away, exposing her nipple. He gingerly circled her nipple with the tip of his tongue. She inhaled sharply, closed her eyes and rolled her head back in pleasure. I watched my wife get turned on with another man sucking on her breasts. I watched him run his hands over her, watched her wrap her fingers around the back of his head and pull him into her chest. They were so very hot.

Later, he just gets up and climbs behind her and starts running his hands over her. I tell him to kiss the back of her neck like she likes. She’s lost in this crazy flow. So, I come up and start kissing her mouth and front of her neck and running my hands over her. She’s this center of attention with two men’s hands and mouths on her. When we finally release her, she just collapses on the couch.

So, eventually, I’ve won a hand and I’ve got a dare to give. I turn to Wife and give her a look, asking her if he’s ready for it. She nods, so I just say, “I dare you to follow me to the room” I tell Mr. we’ll be right back.

I take her into the room and show her the rope harness I’ve secured to the bed. I tell her to strip and lay down. She’s trembling. I bind her wrists to the bed above her head. I tie each leg down, spreading her. Then I blindfold her.

I start kissing her body, licking her and then just get up and walk out of the room. I go in and tell Mr. to follow me. So, when I come back in, she hears more feet, more movement. She knows. Her heart is pounding and she’s completely wet.

I slowly lower myself on to the bed between her legs. She can only hear us and feel the bed move. We’re not talking, so she doesn’t know who is who. I bend down and lightly lick her clit just as Mr. kisses her mouth. I can feel her body melt. I proceed to lick her and run my hands over her tummy and legs. Mr. is kissing her mouth, her neck, licking her nipples.

I stop and switch with Mr. and now I get to kiss her. She struggles a little bit at the bindings, wanting a free hand to direct things, but she can’t get free. She’s just lying there, letting two men pleasure her. I kiss her mouth, her breasts. Mr. is going down on her, licking her. He slides two fingers into her as I kiss her neck. I reach down and rub her clit while he slides his fingers in and out of her. We’re both working her towards ecstasy.

Again we switch, he’s kissing all over her body, running his hands on her and I’m licking her the way I know will make her come. I’ve got my fingers inside her now, my tongue on her clit. I feel her tense, watch her arch her back and then listen to her orgasm. She comes hard, squeezing my fingers, bucking her hips. Mr. is still kissing her, holding her through it.

I’m satisfied, so we back off and let her lie there for a bit. I untie her, kiss her and tell her I love her.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Only two of us!

The Mr. saga: Part 2

So, this is a follow up to the other day’s post on the guy we had over. I’ll kill the suspense early: we haven’t all ended up in a sweaty pile yet nor have they even had sex.

However, he’s spent the night every night since then and will for probably at least another two nights. We’ve played strip card games, dare card games. We’ve all been naked together, they’ve made out (while naked) in front of me, she sucked me off in front of him. This is fucking crazy. My wife practically has a live-in boyfriend, that I get to enjoy too.

Yesterday they had the house to themselves for a while and got just a little bit of fun in. Last night she laid with him before bed and they made out for a bit, then she came and got in bed with me and we had a fantastic quickie with him just 15 feet away in the next room. She still smelled like him.

I feel like I’m living this crazy fantasy dream. We were open minded before, but fairly vanilla and reserved. Now, now we’re doing I don’t even know what. I can move somewhat fast physically, but Wife is much more reserved. But we’ve known of this man’s existence for a grand total of maybe 60 hours and she’s all worked up over him, trying to get the guts to jump him and I’m over here fantasizing everything possible and he’s sorta living here for a while.

This is a hell of a ride. I’m just holding the “oh shit” bar, grinning like a fool and keeping my foot on the gas.


I don’t know what will happen tonight. Wife is starting to get comfortable moving back and forth between us. Her comfort is what’s dictating the progress here, so that’s pretty promising.

I guess the crazy part is tomorrow. He’s staying again and I’ve tentatively invited a woman over that I’ve been talking to. She’s pretty game for anything. And she’s bi. I have no idea how that will actually end, but I know how I want it to end.

Stay tuned, dear readers. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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